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Confession, I Am a Cultural Historian My interest in history is primarily in ideas, beliefs, emotions, as well as the ways these personal, interior, drives and forces are expressed in speech, literature, art, music. I am not a historian of the arts, but I do enjoy using the arts as a window into the mood, the […]

The Newbery Debates — Or, The Problem of Knowing History

Have You All Been Reading Anita, and Melita, and Roger and and and On the Newbery? I’m sure you have, but I just got caught up so here are some links for people like me,;; There are two strands here — Anita Silvey’s claim that the Newbery has lost its way in […]

Vocabulary Drill

What Does "Commercial" Mean? This question came up when Marina, my wife, was reading an article in the Times with our 8 year old son Sasha. Marina was trying a technique that her public school teacher had used in second grade — selecting one Times piece a week to read with her kids. The articles […]


Thanks to Karl For Making the Anti-Copyright (or as he puts it "Restriction") Case The beginning of a new year would be precisely the wrong time to turn this blog into an extensive debate between just a few participants. But I do need to respond to his argument. Karl — if you would like this whole blog […]