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More Good News From the Guys Read Sports Program

Here’s a New Post from Deb. I am so encouraged by what she is doing, I hope others will try out similar programs. I’ve asked her two write up a brief description of the program that can serve as an initial model. I will post it as a second blog so you can read just this update, or the more general outline.

My Guys Read Club is altering its meeting schedule
a bit to allow for longer sessions twice a month – my principal approved
(because the club focuses on reading) letting us keep the boys for 15
minutes into their first period class two Thursdays a month. The mentors
also secured free tickets for all 24 boys and 10 mentors to attend a  
basketball game at our local Division I college campus (Florida Gulf
Coast University) in February. The boys will research each FGCU player
(boys and girls) and present their findings to the group at the next
meeting prior to attending the game on Feb. 16th. The mentors are giving
up their holiday off school to take these boys to the game. The level of
commitment of these mentors is astonishing to me.

Later in the month our school resource officer is leading a discussion
on steroid use in athletes and having the boys read about the impact of
steroids – legal, criminal, physical. We’re also working on getting
tickets for an ECHL hockey game in March and they are working toward
getting the boys into some books and more in-depth reading soon…   My
principal comes to observe our GuysRead meetings fairly regularly and
today when he was visiting he turned to me and said, "Look at those boys
faces. They are totally engaged with the men." Indeed they are. It’s a
thing of beauty.