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Have You Been Following the Google Book Debates?

A Good Place to Start Is This Article:, and then — for those of us concerned with K-12 books, I’d suggest this thread,  that I weighed in on. Here is the problem: let’s take the most optimistic case possible: Google continues what it is doing already doing: making available libraries of out of copyright text […]

My Conviction Is Your Editorializing

Warning: You May Perceive This Post as Special Pleading — Or You Might Just Find It Interesting I’ve been pleased at the early reviews and reader comments on Tanya Stone’s Almost Astronauts, a book I edited. But one comment over at Good Reads faulted the book for "editorializing" too often, especially about the contstraints women […]

The Newness — out of Springfield

I’m Just Back From Springfield, IL — Which Leads to Many Thoughts of the Old and the New The town is, of course, intensely aware of the upcoming bicentennial birthday, a date which has all the more resonance because the President began his campaign in Springfield, announced his VP choice there, and is returning on […]

Work In Progress — with Baseball Hook

From Shelley Sommer — about her new middle grade biography of Hank Greenberg I would never have expected my second biography for young readers to be about a baseball player.  My first book, a biography of John F. Kennedy, was a natural result of my 15-year career at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, […]

Guys Read Sports Club Outline

Here is Deb Hanson’s outline of her club and how it works:   What is the Guys Read Club:  A club just for our middle school guys – with guys (our male teachers and other staff members) as mentors and leaders.   Why Guys Read? To give our middle school boys who are reluctant to […]

More Good News From the Guys Read Sports Program

Here’s a New Post from Deb. I am so encouraged by what she is doing, I hope others will try out similar programs. I’ve asked her two write up a brief description of the program that can serve as an initial model. I will post it as a second blog so you can read just […]