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You All Keep Telling Me How Hard It Is to Deal With This Site

and I see the same thing myself. My own comments disappear, or appear twice. When I asked about why I was not hearing from you, I got emails and calls from those of you who have just thrown up your hands, given up in frustration. So I asked SLJ, and they asked for your help:

"One thing that would be incredibly helpful in identifying the fix, is to speak with one of the commenters who is having this error consistently. Our developers would want to know the exact steps that the commenter takes to get the error. Would you be able to connect us with such a person?"

So If you tried to post and your post disappeared, or appeared twice, or was cut off, or if you committed the terrible sin of including quotation marks, or links, and some forbidden word, please either post the information here (assuming that you can) or email me directionly via my website,, and we’ll try to tame this beast.


  1. I think formatting has been my biggest frustration (no html, no symbol use, etc.)

  2. In one case, it said I didn’t type the displayed characters correctly — they are case sensitive, but for several letters like c or o, it’s not clear which case is being used. When I resubmitted, the comment appeared twice. Though it’s also possible that I pushed Submit Comment twice when it didn’t seem to do anything.

  3. thanks I am forwarding these notes to IT

  4. thanks I am forwarding these notes to IT