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BEA and Books

Book Expo and Elizabeth Sifton: Books Today I went to Book Expo Saturday courtesy of SLJ, and I was glad I did. As you all may recall, Book Expo is the annual gathering of booksellers — the parallel to ALA, but organized around stores not libraries. BEA (America is the third letter in the acronym) was […]

Thoughts on Reading — As I Head off to BEA

Inner Emotional Experience When I was speaking at Toms River the other day, someone in audience spoke up to define what reading means to her — and what she feels teachers must impart to students. Reading, she observed, creates an "inner emotional experience." That quiet, internal, resonance and reflection is the treasure of reading. She […]

Moving On — Craig Virden’s Memorial Service

Yesterday I Felt the Other Side of Changing — A Sense of History, Connection, and Possibility The memorial for Craig was held yesterday in New York City. I arrived by train, and met one old friend of his on the platform. Another got in the subway with us when we got to the city. We arrived […]

Cyber Summit of Partnership for 21st Century Skills

The Things You Learn Visiting Good Libraries I gave a talk yesterday at the splendid Ocean County Library in Toms River, New Jersey. The large, airy, sunlit building gave me a big case of library-envy. I was there to speak at a conference on teenagers and reading, and I met the county reading supervior. She […]

On War

And How It Is Changing Today is Memorial Day and there will be a small local parade here, but surely every form of communication will be buzzing with words and images from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan being beamed back and forth to the US. Today that is all postcards and sweetness and eulogy. But […]

"Reading is Like Basketball. I Love It"

Season Ending Report from Deb Hanson in Florida: Veterans Park Academy for the Arts 2008-2009 Guys Read Club Summary   Reading is Like Basketball. I love it.   This was one of the comments scribbled on a sticky note on May 14th, 2009 by one of 24 boys who participated in the inaugural, experimental Veterans […]

Guys and Gals In the Suburbs

Of Princesses and Travel Teams The other day we went to a birthday party for a 4 year old, on street in our town that has very nice homes indeed. The minute you walked into the door, you realized that this party for kids who hardly knew why they were there, took some doing. The […]

Some Good News: Insight, Boys

Last Week We Talked About Testing, Lost Friends: Hard Things, This Week Is Different I promised to talk about an individual voice amidst the pressure of conformity. Well I have two good examples for this week. I heard the first last week while driving — an intereview on Fresh Air. Did any of you catch […]

Ending The Madness In Our Schools

We Can, We Must, End the Testing Madness Friends, three of you contacted me this week with emails that could make your blood run cold, but they made mine run hot. I am a product of the 60s — when I see a wrong, no matter how defended by powerful forces, I believe we can […]

Eden Ross Lipson and the TBR

One More Friend Gone I learned this morning that Eden Ross Lipson had died Eden was the longtime editor of reviews of books for young readers in the New York Times Book Review. She was the doyenne (I just looked it up, the female form of "doyen": "a person uniquely skilled by long experience […]