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Here is the information about the nonfiction bookblast and the wiki:

Sunday, July 12, 2009, 10:30 a.m.-noon
ALA Annual Conference, Chicago
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Here is a question — problem — concern about graphic novel biographies from Marc Tyler Nobleman that some of you may want to discuss:

"I recently became aware that some libraries are shelving my picture book bio on the creators of Superman (BOYS OF STEEL) according to its LOC number, 741.5 – drawing/cartoons. I, however, want it to be shelved with all the other picture book bios. The picture book bios on Muhammad Ali are not shelved in sports and the picture book bios of Beethoven are not shelved in classical music…
Some libraries have indeed shelved it with pic book bios, but not many – for example, only 10 out of the 130 libraries in my home state of CT.
I feel circulation for this book would increase exponentially if it were shelved in an area where more kids regularly browse (often because they have to, because they’re given a biography assignment).
The usefulness of the book will be SO limited if it remains in drawing/cartoons section – kids who look there typically want books on how to draw. They would not necessarily be surprised to find a biography on Superman’s creators shelved there – yet they also may not care, given their purpose in looking there. HOWEVER, some kids who have to do a biography assignment will be very pleasantly surprised to find this alternative to Lincoln, Ruth, and Earhart."