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"Intelligence and How to Get It"

I Put the Title in Quotations Because It Comes From a New Book by Dr. Richard Nisbett Here’s the book, and here’s the Nicholas Kristoff essay in yesterday’s Times that brought it to my attention, Dr. Nisbett argues that intelligence is not primarily a result of gene pools — which, as you remember The […]

Apps and Reading Sprawl

Some Thoughts from Peter Ginna, publisher and editorial director of Bloomsbury Press Last night my wife went to a party celebrating Elizabeth Strout, who won the Pulitzer Prize this year for her collection Olive Kitteridge The event was held at The Mercantile Library Center for Fiction — a place you should know about. A private […]

This Should Not Be So hard

Marina and I Met With the Curriculum Coordinator of our School District Yesterday It was a very good meeting. The coordinator showed the district’s plan for for integrating non fiction into their classroom reading and writing. The plan was well thought out and most promising. But, the coordinator stressed, it would only work if teachers […]