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I Really do Mean Easy

Boys and Reading — A Short Success Story This has been a crazy week for my older son’s travel baseball team — tonight is the fourth game in five nights. Going to so many games gives the parents — the same ones come to all the games — plenty of time to chat. One mom […]


This Year, As Annual Takes Place in Chicago, I Happen to Be Meeting with Teachers I did not plan it that way, just happened that I had no compelling reason to go to Chicago and instead I was invited to meet with a large group of 5th grade New York City public school teachers to […]

When Adult Authors Get Around To Noticing Our World

Did You Catch Michael Chabon’s Essay and Nicholas Kristoff’s Op-Ed? Michael Chabon’s is the current New York Review of Books,; Krisftoff’s was his regular Sunday Op-Ed in the Times, In a way, they are the two poles of how bright, creative, adults tend to write about kids and books — for better and for […]

Boys and Summer Reading

What Do You Like to Do? My older son just finished a week of basketball camp; most days just after he finished shooting he got into a car to be driven to a game his travel baseball team was playing. He was playing some form of organized sport for about 11 hours a day. There […]