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Final Thoughts On Curacao

Being On the Edge I hear nothing good about the weather back in the New York area — hail storms, 100 degree heat, rain — so I can only feel fortunate to be in the Caribbean. But it is interesting to see the world from here. In one way Curacao is better off than many […]

The Moment of Pathos and Tragedy

Stephen Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage captures one perfect moment that we really should use in all of our classes to capture the true tragedy of the story of the Indians in America. He describes how one of the worst times for Lewis and Clark and their men came in the fall of 1805 when they became very […]

Are We All Reading and Writing More These Days?

The Easiest Story to Tell is The Exile from Eden Be it Chicken Little, or the NEA, or some new Prophet of Doom, the easiest story to get people to listen to is the Fall From Grace. Once, so it goes, we read more, read better books, were more serious, trained as better citizens, had […]