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Another Side of My Reading Life

Just FYI

Here’s a short piece about the guys reading group I created — another chance to read nonfiction — and hang around with the guys.


  1. DEBRA HANSON says:

    Love this club of yours with the guys!! I’ve had three of last year’s adult mentors from my Guys Read club for boys come to me this year to tell me they started reading again after years of not reading so much themsleves – some read a book a week this summer and many startediwth non-fiction (o surprise there!). Kudos to yu and the men of your Guys Read Club :-) Sometimes it just takes the right trigger or conversation!

  2. Deb
    We do like our books and conversation — someone asked if we’d take our club online. I doubt it, but if we do, your mentors will be able to join us. More as I know more.