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The Google Settlement is being renegotiated just as Best Buy and Verizon are getting into the ereader game: The digital future of books is both here and unclear. I am still waiting for someone, anyone, to deal with those image rights questions.

If you work for a school or library that wants hard research based, standardized testing, numbers to show the value of free reading Deb Hanson’s comment of the other day could be just the ammunition you need. In case you missed it, here it is: "I’ve been doing some data aalysis on my Guys Read boys in preparation for doing a pesentation about the Club a our state media conference. While we never set out to use reading scores as a measure of success, the data shows that in the year prior to Guys Read Club, 29% of this group of 24 boys showed learning gains in reading on Florida’s standardized reading test (FCAT). Last year, after Guys Read Club,87% had learning gains in reading! I showed the data to my principal today, and we are meeting tomorrow to find a way to schedule Guys Read Club for this year! While I don’t believe standardized tests should be the be-all, end-all measure for any educational endeavor, the data sure is useful for making a point. The boys are going to be thrilled!"

Jerome Burg, creator of Google Lit Trips, tells me Google Earth now allows you to include stars — so all you Sci Fi fans who want to use his tool you are in the game. I’m hoping now for Google Earth past — so we can journey to ancient landscapes. (There is a very useful tool on the site for those want to create their own GLTs)