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Some Clarity on Google

I Hope This Is Not Seeming Too Inside-Publishing For You, I’ll Try to Make it Interesting This article in Publishers Weekly really helped define the whole Google problem: Marybeth Peters, the US Registrar of Copyrights, strongly objected to the agreement because she felt that it took the whole matter of copyright out of the hands […]

Another Side of My Reading Life

Just FYI Here’s a short piece about the guys reading group I created — another chance to read nonfiction — and hang around with the guys.

Google and the Image Problem

Have You All Been Following the Arguments Over the Google Book Settlement? I’ve posted here about my own uncertainty about what to do — whether to agree to let Google scan OP books of mine, or whether to object. As I’ve said, the direct impact on me is likely to be small — I will […]


What It Means to Connect With the Past PBS aired a show on Sunday the 6th about schools that bring kids out into nature, and use that interaction to foster learning: As it happens the school our older son has just transferred into was featured in the program, so we watched the show. While there was […]

Why Do We Tell, Or Care About, Stories?

That is the Question On the Origin of Stories Tries to Answer The book is by Brian Boyd, a professor at the University of Aukland — here’s some information about him and the book and here is an interview with Dr. Boyd about the book, From the title on, it is clear that the professor is […]


Jerome Tells Me That Google Lit Trips are "Mashups" that is, they mix together (mash) two different forms of technology: the book and Google Earth. I’m pleased to see that some of you are already experimenting with GLTs. I’ll have Jerome back to answer FAQs for any of you who want to create GLTS — just […]