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Did You Catch This Piece in the Times

It almost feels like a response to my post from yesterday — a way to bring together what we do in books with video, audio, Google Earth — what great fun, we’ve got to get started.


  1. Loree Griffin Burns says:

    I read this article and as I was rolling my eyes (vooks? puh-lease) I lit on the paragraph about a fitness vook in which readers can click on videos that show them how to perform the exercises. Hmmmm. Intriguing, actually. That sort of instructional video segment would work incredibly well in my work-in-progress, a book about citizen science that is built on first-hand glimpses into field work. I like to think that the words and images I am arranging get the job done—they worked just fine for my previous books in this format—and yet I am sitting here with a digital camcorder at my elbow and a scratch pad of ideas under my hand feeling entirely smitten with the possibilities here. For this particular book, a video component could be incredibly powerful.

    So, maybe the key to moving us book creators in the direction of New Media is simply marrying the technology with the right projects. You can turn any book into a vook, I guess, but it is going to be more effective for a certain kind of book. (Meaningful in the exercise book, not so much in the novel?) I’m not sure. But a year or three ago I would have read this article and rolled my eyes the whole way through. Today, with this particular project in my hands, I am thinking hard about how technology might actually enhance the story I am trying to share.

  2. sure there has to be a match — a need. And all of us need to learn how to narrate in a new form. But what fun it will be if and when we get to try.

  3. Linda Zajac says:

    I had some fun making a few short videos back in July 07. The intent was merely to create something that kids could watch repeatedly and learn a little something. It adds another element of interest to my website.(

  4. neat, I’ll go and take a look