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Bluestonehenge Press Release

Friends — Sorry to take up some much blog-space with my own book, but this is very new and very exciting. The images did not load here, I’ll try to put there somewhere where they will. This release is from the team of archaeologists who made the discovery: BLUESTONEHENGE: A NEW STONE CIRCLE NEAR STONEHENGE   […]


I’m rushing off to do a TV intereview about the new Stonehenge discovery this morning — so I am behind on my blogging. I will post some images related to Bluestonehenge here. In the meanwhile, did you all see this article: What do you think of napsterizing books? How is that similar or different […]


The New Discovery I mentioned here that the archaeologists I’ve been working with at Stonehenge had made a new discovery. We were enjoined not to describe what they had found until next year — though in fact we did manage to stop our book on press and get in a few photos. Well a newspaper in […]


Did You Catch This Piece in the Times It almost feels like a response to my post from yesterday — a way to bring together what we do in books with video, audio, Google Earth — what great fun, we’ve got to get started.