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Tell Us About Promethean Whiteboards

Are You Using Them? Are Teachers In Your School? Last spring I gave a series  of talks on the West Coast, and in one school they were using Promethean Whiteboards. At the time I didn’t even know what they were. And in class the one we used was a bit glitchy. But since then I […]

thanksgiving extras

A Couple of News Items Today’s Times has a story about Claudette Colvin, with a wonderful photo of her with Phil Hoose when their book won the NBA young readers prize, My interview with Phil will run in the January issue of SLJ. Here is the latest on Obama’s Afghanistan strategy, which he will announce next […]

Up Against the Moving Edge of Knowledge

What Happens When We Know Something, But Not Enough? One of the great challenges of our time — for adults and younger people — is partial knowledge. That is, the tools available to science and medicine are allowing us to understand how our bodies and minds function in amazing new ways. We can isolate genes, […]


Some Thoughts From a Quick Trip to NCTE I hobbled on to the train down to Philadelphia on Friday to attend the National Council of Teachers of English conference. My view of the meeting was skewed in a few ways — I attended two seesions honoring notable books, so I got a close view of a selected […]

The Mixed Messages of Standards and Education Reform

More Facts or More Thoughts? Last night I met with two experts on education and education reform. They have both been working with the government, foundations, and private companies for decades — seeing one phase of reform replaced by another. They made clear to me something Nina had raised in her comment the other day […]

NBA story

The Times coverage of last night’s NBA awards fits our interests perfectly — note the speech from the adult NF winner and the focus on the young readers’ winner — again for the first time a NF author — congratulations to Philip Hoose and to non fiction writers, editors, copy editors and proof readers everywhere […]

The Unforgiving Minute — A Soldier’s Education

"Question the Answers" Time out for a quick book report — you’ll see, there is a reason for this: My men’s reading group meets in a couple of weeks, and we’ll be talking about Craig Mullaney’s book whose title is the title of this post. Mullaney is a graduate of West Point, an Army Ranger, […]

Fort Hood and Us — Another Real World Responsibility

My Doctoral Adviser Once Said of Historians, "We Are the Elders; We Pass On the Knowledge of the Past" If you know something, it is your responsibility to share it with those who lack that knowledge. You have been presented with a gift, but the terms of the bequest are clear — you must share […]

NF and Reviewing

More Fallout from the CCBC Discussion Sorry to be late posting today, over the weekend I got caught up in the CCBC thread on reviewing where both my own views, and, more generally the issue of NF reviewing, came up in many posts. A few key themes emerged from the discussion that are worth our […]

Our Responsibility —

Afghanistan As we wait to see what Obama decides on troops, I realized that I had been avoiding my (and perhaps our) responsibility. I am not sure what the right strategy is there — this blog is not a advertisement for one political camp or another. But it suddenly hit me that our nation is […]