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thanksgiving extras

A Couple of News Items

Today’s Times has a story about Claudette Colvin, with a wonderful photo of her with Phil Hoose when their book won the NBA young readers prize, My interview with Phil will run in the January issue of SLJ.

Here is the latest on Obama’s Afghanistan strategy, which he will announce next week. It looks very much like an increase of about 30,000 American troops with a request for 10,000 more from I am continuining to look for people to come to this blog to inform us, so we can give young people a clear understnading of what we are doing and why.


  1. Vicky Alvear Shecter says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoyed the link to the Claudette Colvin piece. What a fascinating story and what a fascinating person. I feel humbled by her humility and dignity in the face of her planned obscurity. I’m so glad the book won the award–a reminder that powerful nonfiction can touch the heart just as deeply–if not more so–than fiction.