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Useful Programming Ideas

From Amy Alesio and Kim Paton When I told you all about Google Lit Trips one of you wrote that you were pleased to get concrete information you could use — and that stuck with me, because my own personal bent (as you all know) is to the big picture and the big ideas. Well […]

YA NF Finalists

YALSA Now Has Its Own Select Group of Best Nonfiction Books — and here it is: Out of this group of five, one will be selected as the medalist the other four are, thus, honor books. This does not mean Printz = Fiction. NF is just as eligible for the Printz as it ever was […]

The Turning Point

I’ve Been Reading the "Heavy Medal" Blog  and Jonathan has a link that we all should follow. He takes readers to Peter Sieruta’s blog (which is called Collecting Children’s Books, but is really as much about reading and thinking about those books), where Peter says, "There was once a time when nonfiction and biographies for […]

Two Interesting Books at My Local Bookstore

Led Me to Think About Teenage and Immigration We had three book readings this weekend at our local store — which, I might add, is one of the few independent bookstores that opened right in the midst of the recession: Words all around the theme of immigration. Most interesting for readers of this blog, I […]


In My Other Life as An Editor, I’ve Been Having fun Making Up Anthologies The anthology form is interesting. In one way it is the most bland and invisible structure — the editor picks a theme or topic, finds authors suited to that work, and hopes he gets  both a spread of good individual entries and […]

Blackboards and Extending the Book

Using Blackboard Posts to Reach Beyond the Book This week, courtesy of an online YA lit class, Patty Campbell and I have been meeting with librarians to talk about War Is, the anthology we co-edited. By coincidence, today I met with teachers of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who will be working with me, again […]