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The New Award Spreads Its Wings

Of Blogs and Mock Awards

The YALSA blog is featuring a series of interviews with the finalists for the new YA NF award:

I see by my email inbox that 
The Children’s Book Guild of Washington DC is conducting an online poll for the 2010 Children’s Book Awards:

YALSA Nonfiction (new for 2010) is currently available for voting.
Everyone is welcome to vote once for each award between now and January 15 at

At a minimum, the award is doing what we hoped: showing that YA NF does exist and that some terrific books are being written and published. We can debate format — as we have been doing here — approach (if you have been following Heavy Medal, there has been much pro and con about personal passion in YA NF) — and that is great. Instead of wondering whether YA NF exists, or should, we are in the trenches looking at real books and defining a genre. That is the best coming out party for all of us — 

Let the experiments flow, the debates continue, and the genre flourish.