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Speaking of Schools and Reading

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While Math scores are improving nationwide, reading is not — the only uptick is in scores for readers who were have the most difficulty. One theory is that while we can teach basic reading, there are not enough books that engage and challenge readers as they get older which sound very much like a call for the kinds of books we’ve often discussed here.


  1. I teach middle school science and I completely agree. My students struggle between books that are too easy and too hard. Unfortunately author/publishers haven’t done much with our audience. I can only figure out it’s because we don’t have $$$$ to invest.
    I can tell you that when I work on building background knowledge using pictures books, we don’t have enough to go around on a specific topic. But the kids consume things like DK Eyewitness Books with unbounded curosity. These would be such a help to have many more resources like this.

  2. tell us more — give us an image of the kind of book(s) you’d love to see — there just might be an author or editor who gets inspired. Riff — imagine, what would the books be about? how long? what kind of background should they offer?