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Fair Use

Creative Commons, Fair Use and My Op-Ed While this blog is meant to be a home for discussions of non-fiction for K-12, not anything I happen to write, since my Op-Ed did get a lot of attention, and some responders wrote here, I will take a moment to respond to their questions. Fair Use allows […]


A Classroom Magazine that Features Non-Fiction This week I’m going to look at two ways of bringing nonfiction into classrooms. Today I have an interview with Lauren Tarshis, editor of Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine. (   In a way this blog, and the one on Friday, are the reverse of what I usually discuss here – […]

April All Over

Here and There This month feels like a cross section of where we are and are going in non-fiction for kids. This morning I begin another week teaching kids online via the Davidson Institute — I’ve posted a powerpoint that all registered kids can use — so essentially this is a national slide show that […]


My Op-Ed and This Blog I’m pleased to report that the New York Times is running an Op-Ed of mine today is a backstory to the piece, though, which relates to this blog and our world. As you’ll see, I write about the fact that all of the ballyhoo about the multimedia potential of […]