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TL Café: Barb Stripling on the Common Core Standards

Don’t miss our next TLCafé Webinar event tomorrow night!

The details:

May, 3rd 8pm EST
Guests: Barbara Stripling, Dir. of Library Services – NYC Dept. of Ed.
Hosts: Ernie Cox & Brenda Anderson and Gwyneth Jones
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The description:
The most recent draft of the  Common Core Standards were released in March 2010 for public review and comment. This webinar will provide background on the development of these standards. A final version is scheduled to be released in early Spring 2010. Our guests will give us several perspectives on what impact these standards will have on K-12 education and school libraries. Join us to articulate comments for the final version and to explore the potential role of the school librarian.

Topics for conversation:

  • History of the Common Core Standards
  • Connections to the AASL Standards
  • Generate Comments for submission.
  • Appendix B Illustrative Texts – possible additions to this list.

Visit the Cafe for details on joining tomorrow’s conversation.