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The Night the Lights Went Out (and On)

We had a series of power outages yesterday, the last coming just as we were putting the boys to bed. Losing power is frustrating — you never get an honest answer from the power company about what is wrong and when it will be fixed, so you basically wait — hoping, fearing, wondering, and then […]


In the 1950s, radio stations faced a problem — the growth of national TV network — matched of course by the exponential expansion in the number of TV sets sold — meant that the old days in which radio networks dominated were over. What to do? Radio fractured — stations concentrated on cheap entertainment serving […]

Mirror Mirror Mirror

Sorry once again for the late post — internet troubles again, this time at home — all fixed now. I hope on a holiday weekend you’ll have time to read a Friday post even if it arrives late. At ALA I picked up two totally different books with similar titles in, in a sense, conceits […]