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Connections, and What That Means for Us

Here’s what my week has been — full of hints of how technology is changing (but in small, and interesting, ways) what we do. Monday evening the poets Marilyn Singer and Charles smith came to my Rutgers class by Skype. It all went well — and now that Smart Boards are spreading through the schools, […]

The Class Trip

Just after I passed on the information about the local history museum that turned its tour into a phone app, the Times published this article: Seems every cultural institution realizes the potential for this kind of do-it-yourself tour, but — as the article shows — what the museums are actually offering is (so far) […]

Deep and Wide

Nina Lindsay sent in a comment to the last post, ereader day, filled with the yearning sense of possibility for what e-devices possibly could do. Just this morning, Mary Ann Cappiello forwarded an example of one kind of interesting use for something as familiar as a smart phone:  “Strawbery Banke, the living history museum in […]