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Friends and Family: A New Blog for Teachers; Food and History

Mary Ann Cappiello sent me this notice: she and two colleagues have created a new blog called “The Classroom Bookshelf: Teaching with Children’s and Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century.”  We’ll update the blog every Monday, and each blog entry will contain three sections: Book Review, Teaching Invitations (at a variety of grade spans […]

There Is Nothing Quite as Much Fun as Learning Something New

I am beginning research on a new book that requires me to learn something about mining and metals. Not since I was in summer camp at age 11, where we sang Peggy Seeger’s “Springhill Mine Disaster” and felt appropriately sad and righteous, have I thought much about “the men in the mines.” So I cruised […]

Culture and Common Culture

Last night’s Halloween trick or treating brought with it a couple of experiences that remind of me of the importance of sharing great cultural accomplishments with all young people — and, indeed, having the confidence that in the canon of Western Art there is great power. Marina and the boys were out in costume, so […]