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Concord Review

Did you all see the article about Will Fitzhugh and the Concord Review in the Times this weekend? Mr. Fitzhugh contacted me some years ago about his journal — which publishes original research papers written by high school students.  As the article explains, he is a former teacher who realized students could do much better work […]

Some Last Thoughts On India — Snow Willing

Assuming that snow in Newark does not prevent us from returning this weekend this is my last post from India. Several themes came together for us in these final days. Last night we visited with old family friends of Marina’s — he a well-known poet and art critic, she a former dancer turned curator of […]

India and History

Last night we met friends for dinner — a couple we know from the US but one is an an academic expert on India and the other lived here for a couple of years. At dinner, one of them mentioned that Indians seem to have no sense of history — as individuals or as a […]

New Histories Old Histories

I am writing this from the Saturday club in Kolkata — a city of clubs. Calcutta, as it used to be called, is a dense city crowded with people, street vendors, cars, but it is also a city of islands, oasis where the wealthy and well connected gather cosseted by endless staff — watching their […]