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Have you all noticed this: some of my students — and these are grad students, some of whom are adults returning to school while already having jobs and families — seem not to know what the word “novel” means. Novel, in their use, has come to mean “book.” So a biography may be referred to […]

One More Cool Report from LA

One panel that I particularly enjoyed included three members of the USC history department — Kevin Starr, former state librarian of California and a most fascinating guy. Peter Mancall — expert on early colonial America, and William Deverell, whose area is the history of California, but seen in new lights. Starr is from California, but […]


One of the joys of being honored at the LA Times Book Festival is that you speak on a panel, and then, as a panelist, you are sure to be able to get in to every other event. So Marina and I had two days of literary fun. She went off to hear Patty Smith […]

LA Late Post

Sorry to be posting so late we are at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival. Sugar was a finalist for the YA prize. And while we did not win it has been a wonderful experience. Some 150,000 people come over the weekend to look at books hear authors see performances. And then for the authors […]