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CC — Why We All Need to Pay Attention

Here’s an interesting piece from further inside the world of education: Apparently there has been some debate among experts on how much change the Common Core standards actually represent — how much of a shift from current state standards in Math and Language Arts. This review by a qualified team of academics argues that […]

Exploring the Common Core Standards

The other night Marina and I visited our local middle school, as our older son enters sixth grade in the fall. We were thrilled at first as we visited the lively Social Studies classrooms, saw the great student projects in the Science rooms, and met the dynamic Math teachers. But then came Language Arts. It […]

Wednesday Reading

Since I posted yesterday, I’ll just give you all some brain candy for today — two pieces I read this morning that you all may find interesting: Here is a meditation on the question of why we send so many students to college and what they/we/society expect them to get out of it: And […]