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What Should a History Collection Be?

The other day I came across a blog devoted to Sugar Changed the World, which as you know, Marina and I wrote. The review was engaged and appreciative, but the librarian was considering the book as part of what seemed to be a longer thread in which she is deciding what her history collection ought […]


Yesterday we dropped our older son off at camp — his (and our) first experience of sleep-away camp. He rushed to get a top bunk, taped up photos of the family, an art project of his brother’s, and a glossy photo (likely, I assume, to fall down quite soon) of Derek Jeter, and found his […]

A Great Skype Talk With an Author

Last night our men’s nonfiction reading group stuck again: another author whose book we had read agreed to join us by Skype. This time our guest was Peter Godwin, as we had all read, and greatly enjoyed his memoir Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa ( Peter was born in Rhodesia, and the books […]