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Nature Naturing

Yesterday was our last vacation day out on the Cape, and, as it was a bit chilly, it was more a day for biking than (ocean) beach, and we’d done our share of bays and ponds. But the boys were tired, so the long bike trip Marina kept aching to take was not in the […]

HIgamous hogamous

So began a famous Dorothy Parker poem about the differences between men and women. Rather more recently the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts argued that a close analysis of how men and women access and respond to porn sites revealed a key difference: men like porn women like romance novels. Why? Men are hard wired […]


I am typing this on my iPad so please forgive even more errors than usual. Over at CCTV they have been talking about educating kids about civil rights — including some innovative use of music, role playing, and documentary film clips. All good. But there are two presumptions behind the discussion: kids no very little […]