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Technology Working in Classrooms

Monday I blogged about technology going into classrooms ahead of clear thinking about how to use it — which Myra eloquently echoed in her comment. Today I’ll wear the other hat — giving an example of some good classroom thinking married to digital innovation. I got this blog from Curriki — group that offers support […]

When Will They Ever Learn?

Did you all see this article in the Times over the weekend? As you all know, schools have been spending billions of dollars on technology in the classroom, even as jobs and salaries for teachers — and school librarians — have been cut. And if there has been any trend as popular in education […]

September 1: Panic, Harvest

The end of summer always points in two ways for me. On the one hand the beginning of September — whenever Labor Day falls — causes whiplash: where did summer go? I thought I had lots of time left, wait, no, that can’t be. On the other hand — and no matter how hot and […]