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Nonfiction Matters
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Last night my men’s nonfiction reading group got together, and though we focused on the book we had all read, Greg Grandin’s Fordlandia (which has several layers of fascination for history buffs), conversation wandered, as it does, and several dad’s with young children talked about violence in the fairy and folk tales they are reading […]

NF and the E-Library

Yesterday I received the program for the Texas Library Association meeting at which Dorcas Hand (leading librarian from Houston) and I will be speaking in April. One session after another was on some version of “what your library can and should do about e-books and apps.” Indeed our session is one more varient of that […]

Genres of NF

Last week Monica and disagreed about some aspects of 4th grade interest in the books we now call nonfiction. As I thought about that I realized that there is something fundamentally wrong in how this whole debate was framed, and more generally, how we talk about NF. In fiction there are whole sections of libraries […]