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The CC — And the Third C That Is The Key to Making It Work

I am giving a talk to something like 700 New York City Public School librarians tomorrow, — I hope to meet some of you there. The theme, of course, is about the Common Core standards, what they mean, what to do, the road ahead. I offered to share my ppt. with the teachers and […]

Meeting With Kids, and the CC Shift

Yesterday I got to meet, talk with, present ideas to about 400 middle school students at Davs Drive school in NC, and I am writing this from the library of Mills Park, where I will again meet about 400 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. What I see so far is that both the kids and […]

The Key Shift in the CC Standards

Next week I am going to have the wonderful opportunity to speak with a great many New York City public school librarians about the new Common Core standards. I’ve been working on my talk, and last night Maryann Cappiello was generous enough to review my power point and help be get it all into […]