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Some Other Ways to Use, and Think About, Skype

Vicki and the INK crew are working on Skype and schools in a formal way — they are creating a pilot project which will allow both them authors and teachers to explore, learn, and evaluate. I am sure we will all learn a great deal from their experiment — rules of the road, best practices, […]

News From NCSS

This is my second visit to NCSS in two years, and I am liking what I am seeing. The conference was in Washington so perhaps it was to be expected that Mt. Vernon, and Colonial Williamsburg, and the Newseum, and the Spy Museum would have have booths. But taken as an overall trend, it was […]

Visits, Skype Visits, INK Think Tank

My Ebook and App class at Rutgers is coming to a close. Next week my students will present their projections for what specific libraries should do about ebooks and apps over the next 1, 3, anad 5 years. As a final step, I invited Vicki Cobb to visit us to talk about her ambitious experiments […]