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Op-Ed Worth Reading — The Cyber-individual and the Cyber-Social

My last post was about the individual — well this weekend Evgeny Morozov, whose book on The Net Delusion, I have recommended here before, wrote a fine Op-Ed on the Facebooked, Social Networked, Googled net: The idea that the net is not a clearn open door, but rather is as sticky as, well, a […]


I am reading a book all of you should read, Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands I mean you should get it and read it as quickly as you can. It is so powerful it effects everything we do. The book is about that region between the then USSR and Poland where 14 million people were slaughtered […]

A Favor One of You Can Do For All of Us

Yesterday Candace Fleming Skyped in to my NF class at Rutgers, and we spent a lively 90 minutes talking about her books, her process, her passion for giving young readers history in new ways that may spark new questions. By the end we began talking about the book she has just finished, and she told […]