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What You See Is What You Get

Yesterday in my YA materials class we discussed humor, including Louise Rennison’s very Brit Angus thongs and full-Frontal Snogging. One running phrase in the book is 14-year-old Georgia Nicolson’s terror that she might be a lesbian, along with her hyper-dramatic projections that her (could she be a lesbian?) gym teacher is oggling her. This is […]

So Which Way Do the Library E-winds Blow?

The indefatigable Sue Bartle graced my in-box with several links this morning, which comment on one another in ways I thought I’d share. First, as many of you must know, Random House has drastically increased the prices it charges libraries for ebooks: From the ALA itself down to individual librarians this was bad news. […]

Over and Under Radar

Marina is at the AWP convention in Chicago today: In case you don’t recognize the initials, this is an organization for “writers and writing programs” — as in undergraduate, MFA, and professional authors. But if you look at the link I included you will notice ever more attention to YA, with familiar authors of […]