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Thought Experiment

I was speaking with my friend and co-book-maker John Glenn about my last post, and it suggested an idea. I am seeing huge sums being spent by schools on technology — ereaders, iPads, ELMO projectors, not to mention smart boards, laptops, netbooks, etc. What if someone were to create an experimental charter school in which […]

Assert or Die

Speaking at a conference is always equally an opportunity to listen — to hear from people out in the field. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that the buzz among librarians on Long Island was: the CCC (common core chaos); DD (digital dilemmas); and BC (budget cuts). At IRA last […]

Heroes and their Journeys

I’m giving a talk to a Long Island library conference this Thursday and the theme is “everyday heroes.” I believe they asked me to come because I wrote about the trapped and rescued Chilean miners, whose story has an obvious link to the theme, but as I prepared my power point I began to realize […]