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Teacher-Librarian Best or Worst

So do we have one of the 25 best careers in 2007 or one of the 10 most overrated careers in 2007? Maybe we have both. This week the U.S. News & World Report released their 2007 lists of the 25 best careers. Librarians made the list! But we did suffer in the category of prestige. The report suggests we will be surprised by the inclusion, but "Even though anybody can do a Google search, for instance, librarians will be needed more and more to help us navigate all that digital information."  I was pleased to be part of the best group until I read "On top of it all, librarians' work hours are reasonable, and the work environment, needless to say, is placid."

Wait! Placid! They couldn't possibly be talking about my environment. My school library is so completely hectic with so much activity, that I know USNews can't be talking about me. Go read my 2006 post where I listed what happened at my school within 30 minutes. Then I realized that Teaching is listed as one of the ten most overrated careers. AHA!  The description of that environment sounds much more familiar to me. And, I do agree that most of us began our careers as teacher-librarians AKA library media specialists to make a difference to students.

So, in this situation, I am afraid the educational part of our career is going to have to be the most important. Any nay-sayer's? Perhaps we should create our own debate about why we do have the best career.