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Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

Since the new research says working out makes us smarter and helps fight cancers, what will you be doing in your library? The March 26, 2007 Newsweek article by Mary Carmichael "Stronger, Faster, Smarter" was entertaining reading especially when it confronted stereotypes of jocks as being less capable with Charles Hillman blaming schools for cutting athletes too much slack.

My favorite quote "Having a big, gorgeous, healthy brain isn't enough, of course; it also has to be full. For that, kids have to hit the library as well as the gym."

I have heard of public libraries having students work off their library fines with Dance Dance Revolution. Think how you can add more physical activity to your mental workouts. Are you collaborating with the P.E. teachers and coaches at your school? My P.E. teachers have helped me by taking over the reading program with our local baseball team. They have asked me to find new health, fitness, and nutrition information videos/DVD's for them. I am not having great luck. Any suggestions?

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