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Gleeful Gliffy

Interactive tools online don't have to be sequential and wordy. I am definitely a graphical learner. I love Kidspiration with my students. I use Inspiration whenever I am brainstorming lessons and grant ideas with teachers. The online tool Gliffy is one of my favorite Web 2.0 technologies but I need help mastering the collaborativeness. Who'd like to help?

This is an example I used earlier this year while trying out Gliffy. I wanted to share visually some ideas about why I like to blog. Gliffy allows collaborative efforts but it insists upon emailing people you choose. This won't work for large collaborative efforts? What other graphical programs do you recommend? Have you found a way to have a wiki-effect for visual collaborations?

Share your ideas about why you like to blog. Maybe you simply like graphing who in the world reads your words. That's okay. This is an interactive world. It's not sequential or one-dimensional. We can embrace our differences with new technologies. Participate. You have a whole world of readers out there to help.