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Practically Paradise
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Where are we in the blogosphere?

In a perfect world all school librarians would be members of their professional organizations, subscribe to every professional journal of interest, and would engage in systematic debate on a wide-range of topics. In case you haven't read the latest American Libraries or the posts of indignation on LM_NET by Doug Johnson and Peter Milbury, I […]

Where’s your life?

Do your students know you have a life? Do they know you have a life OUTSIDE the library? If you are working with middle and high school students, they should know that you have an online life, perhaps even a Second Life (SL). Steven M. Cohen and Walt Crawford discussed Second Life recently. Steven urged […]

What’s so funny? part two

What's NOT so funny about our library? The fact that adults are so focused and concerned with social issues while my students want recreational reads that take them away from their problems. How can I help them locate these fun books?    (Don't you wish you had such a title sometimes? I found this image […]

What’s so funny about your library?

What’s so funny about your library? Hopefully humor happens throughout your practically perfect library. When I was choosing a blog title, I considered two ideas (“2Dark2Read” and “Outside a Dog”) based upon the quote attributed to Groucho Marx, "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark […]

The Perfect School Library

Welcome to the first posting of this new blog for SLJ. I appreciate the simplicity of Jorge Luis Borges’ quote "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." In my exploration of paradise I was intrigued by the possibilities and diversities. Paradise is an ideal and a place. Usually the word […]