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Question, Fact, Think

The previous blog post was about my systematic steps in organizing one brief mini research activity with kindergartners. There are many professional writers who disparage the "How I done good" type of writing, but I think librarians can cut through the nonsense to see what is usable to them. I will never pretend to be an […]

Research with the little ones

You can find lesson plans, webquests, and activities on the internet, in books, & in magazines. For some teachers and librarians, this isn't enough because it doesn't convey a sense of how to organize mini-research moments & how important small activities can be. While students need to freely choose topics and participate in research like David […]

Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug

Opening a package of new books is one of my very favorite activities. You can study the reviews, the catalogs, and the images yet when the box arises you have to caress the cover, admire the font, and revel in your ability to choose the perfect title. Sometimes you need a little surprise in your life […]

Semblance of Order

Look in for the definition of "shambles" and you'll read disorder, a place of ruin, a place of carnage, etc. Look at and you will find Chris Smith creating an oasis of order in the internet shambles. Chris contributed answers  and his outlook regarding the very useful site For those of you who are […]

Planning Philosophy

Due to glitches in this blogging software, I had to post this information separately: One of my wonderful teachers, Tischann Nye Morse, expressed herself so well via email and agreed to share here: There's so much more, but this is a good start!  It's always something and usually many things at once which makes it very […]

What is planning time?

Many librarians are frustrated when trying to schedule collaborative planning time with teachers. We have the best interests of all students and teachers in mind. We have much to offer. What prevents us from meeting regularly? Is the problem us? Don't the teachers want to meet with us? Is there something else preventing planning? In […]

Filter Woes & No’s

One of the most frustrating aspects of capitalizing upon the capabilities of modern technology involves lack of access due to no equipment, poor internet speed, and over filtering. Today one of my teachers reported she couldn't open one of the Reader's Theatre links from the SLJ blog because the "filter police" said she was being racist and […]

Librarian Act of 2007

The LIBRARIAN Act of 2007 was introduced in Congress. This information was posted on several listservs from the ALA Washington Office. We need to celebrate National Library Week plus be aware of the efforts of Congress to support our profession. It's easy to complain that no one is doing anything for us. Now is the […]

Where are the Books & DVDs for your Body

If you ask for it, be prepared to deal with it and deliver! I asked my faculty (as I am sure you do constantly) what their greatest needs are for new purchases. The Physical Education teachers were the fastest to reply that they desperately needed new books and videos on health, nutrition, MyFood Pyramid, and exercise. […]

Connecting Programs & People

Hidden tasks for today's school library media specialist include arranging programs, seeking speakers, and linking the wide world out there to our students. Many districts have SOP's (standard operating procedures) in place to guide the selection, hiring (or reimbursement), and marketing of programs. Some districts have nothing. There are several web sites available that link […]