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What do you want to do with your life?  Become more involved with Web 2.0 tools? Learn something new? Travel? Read 1000 books. Perhaps you need help setting your goals and simply want to play around in an interactive environment. One fun participatory activity  is found on the website

Here you can enter your own goals or browse other's choices and click the “I want to do this” button to add their goal to your list. You can easily see how many other people have the same goals, track your progress towards them, and even participate in ongoing conversations about the goals. You can read the essay on "How to choose achievable goals" and change your own life.

There are extension sites that can easily take all your time like 43places, All Consuming, and 43people. I soon found that I didn't want to "do" as many things in my life as I wanted to "GO" to places around the world. Through the links I was able to realize other people wanted to go to places I had been like Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Seoul, Korea. I could comment on these, rate them and encourage others.

Librarians should be exploring the All Consuming website to do Reader's Advisory. Users record what books (and other items) they have consumed. You are encouraged to suggest follow-ups. If the user actually does follow-through with your suggestion and records it, you can see the percentages. Categories for consumption include books, music, movies, food & drink, and "other".

Why participate? More and more students want to talk about what they are reading and receive suggestions from their peers. Can we create an environment where students can share their titles and goals? Coming from an elementary setting I'd like a well-monitored safe site. Try it out and tell me how you can create a practical version for your library.