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Where are the Books & DVDs for your Body

If you ask for it, be prepared to deal with it and deliver! I asked my faculty (as I am sure you do constantly) what their greatest needs are for new purchases. The Physical Education teachers were the fastest to reply that they desperately needed new books and videos on health, nutrition, MyFood Pyramid, and exercise. They gave me a handout from our district highlighting these facts:

  • 43% of all Tennessee students are at-risk for overweight or overweight (obese). (CSH Pilot sites and DOH BMI data)
  • Tennessee is ranked: 47th in the nation for overall health status
  • Tennessee is ranked 3rd in the nation for childhood obesity (CDC, 2006)

I found these links while searching, but they aren't enough to answer the original question. I could invest weeks seeking materials, but in this day and age of collaboration, why should I be the only one seeking and sharing? There must be others in the same situation.

Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
PELinks4U Technology in Physical Education
My Pyramid for Kids
SLJ Talked to Researcher Steve Sanders about a New Way to Fight Obesity in Kids in the Extra Helping on March 21st
Getting BodyWise! a web site for learning to take care of your body, to choose nutritious foods, to stay fit, and avoid eating disorders.

How will they use these materials? We have a large multipurpose room including stage, two outdoor playgrounds fenced in (one for kindergarten, one for the older children), a blacktop rectangle for activities, and a new community sponsored playground/park with equipment. Still, there are days when it's raining or inclement weather and other programs need the gym/stage for their needs. If they have a transition time or inclement weather time, they may choose to teach the nutritional part of their curriculum and need audiovisual materials and support. Honestly, I don't know every use they have, I simply know they have expressed a need, brought in justification as to the importance, and asked me to deliver.

Unfortunately, I am not finding GREAT resources produced in the last 5 years that are exciting, short, active, and capable of motivating the students to move. We had some jazzercize like videos before but they are old and the teachers have lost interest. We do not have unlimited funds to purchase DDR.

What do you suggest? Which vendors provide the materials that you need? Do any have adaptive audiovisual for my autisitc, visually-impaired and limited mobility students? What happened to exciting musically based active recordings?