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Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug

Opening a package of new books is one of my very favorite activities. You can study the reviews, the catalogs, and the images yet when the box arises you have to caress the cover, admire the font, and revel in your ability to choose the perfect title.

Sometimes you need a little surprise in your life – a little Jack in the Box. That's when I find myself relying upon my 3 subscriptions a month with Junior Library Guild. I am constantly amazed at the quality of their selections, plus I copy that months' handy guide with suggestions for use to post on the teacher's lounge refrigerator. I don't count on JLG to order all of the books I need, I just like to see what their picks are in a few specialized areas.

One title that shocked and delighted me this week was Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug. I love wordless picture books even though I despise publishers that don't "do the right thing" and put a natural cover with a title on a book. I opened my mail while preparing for afternoon bus duty and I read with an open mind. I found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity and approachability of this title. I immediately put the book in 5 different readers hands to get their reaction before I even left my bus duty post. Each person commented on a different subtlety; yet we all agreed on our favorite scene.

Fuse#8's review of this title was Spot On! If you haven't yet discovered this blog, you need to pop by. A Fuse #8 Production focuses upon children's literature, children's librarianship, and book reviews. I hope that you will visit regularly after their indepth review on Bow Wow Bugs a Bug.

As much as I love Fuse #8, I do need more than one review a day. Thanks to SLJ, I am stocked for every hour of my day.


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