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Practically Paradise
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Reader’s Theatre

Words are our life. Whether they are found in print, in audio/video formats, or electronically, we work to instill a love of these words in our students. We yearn to inspire students to seek words of new knowledge.  With my first graders every spring I work to inspire them to love the sound of words […]

Peeps Research

Yearly I return to the Peep Research page for Staley Library at Millikin University. Since 2003 I have shared this link with my colleagues, family, and close librarians. Sometimes we just need to have fun. While everyone around me was busily eating their peeps today, I was giggling remembering the image of the hazards of […]

How 2B Hip

How can you stay current? What if you were thrown into an elementary classroom or library with no recent experience with that age child? How can you do a crash course in children's interests? It's not as easy as it seems. Some simple ideas off the top of my head: Ask the students Ask parents […]

Preschool Extras

Presenting opportunities for preschoolers and parents should be prominent in our attention during Spring. Yes, state tests take over much of the focus and teachers seem to have a breakdown, but there is a cycle of life that continues – KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION! New minds coming soon to your school. Parents dropping by to register and […]

Take 43 actions

What do you want to do with your life?  Become more involved with Web 2.0 tools? Learn something new? Travel? Read 1000 books. Perhaps you need help setting your goals and simply want to play around in an interactive environment. One fun participatory activity  is found on the website Here you can enter your own goals or […]