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Bipolar Titles to Help

ASK A LIBRARIAN! The advertisements flash across the top of the SLJ site so I decided to do so. I have a small list of titles that deal with bipolar disorder and I wanted to enhance this list. What a great service! J.J. Huff responded to me immediately to let me know work was in […]

Getting Angry

Bipolar Disorder can destroy a family. It can also enable family members to help others.  When my stepson was initially diagnosed in elementary school with early onset bipolar disorder with rapid cycling, I had to educate myself very quickly. The treatment options are not agreed upon and the medications with their side effects can be […]

To dust or not to dust

Thank you to all school custodians! The school year is ending. Teachers have packed their rooms leaving you boxes and cans of trash, piles of surplus materials, tons of obsolete technology to dispose, and refrigerators to clean. During the summer you and your staff will haul every item out of each classroom, scrub every surface, […]


School years end. It's how education is structured. There is an arbitrary beginning of a grade and an ending. Teachers and students count down to the end (teachers by the hour during the last week). Different activities occur with varied degrees of behavior accepted. Finally all the students leave, the teachers totally deconstruct their rooms, […]

Corporate Bragging & Speaking Their Language

"Avoid corporate bragging." I first heard this phrase in Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work: Simple Ways to Minimize Stress and Conflict While Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others. Tip # 6 is Avoid Corporate Bragging. You can also visit the website Work Stuff Column for weekly updates. "Corporate bragging […]

Photos of the Dog, the cat, the prom child

Testing photo editing capabilities.

What is This Day?

Students and teachers enjoy trivia. While I may be teaching how to navigate specific sites, they both get side-tracked checking out "what happened on this day in history." It's funny how you can prepare for lessons and predict that they will visit these sites at some point during instruction usually when they are supposed to […]

Webby Awards

The 11th Annual Webby Awards Nominees & Winners have been released. There are 70 categories. Some of the winners & nominees were expected, but I found many new sites to explore. I hope you will take the time to take a look at the Youth winners: Webby Award Winner: OwnYourCPeople's Voice Winner: Nick.comNominees: Curious George […]

Cut them some slack

K.G. Schneider Free Range Librarian  explaining the culture of 2.0 listed these points: Humorous Non-hierarchical Time/space “shifted” Skeptical of authority Tepid about privacy and DRM Immediate, here-and-now, epistolary High tolerance for typos and errors K.G. Suggested we read Everything Is Miscellaneous and that we keep David Weinberger’s points about this being a sliding-scale sort of world […]

15 minutes a day

If you missed Stephen Abram's blog post "Playing and Learning: Making a Sandbox for Librarians," you may need to go back and consider why learning to use new technologies is easy for Stephen and some people, but difficult for others. A year ago Stephen Abram wrote a column "43 Things I (or You) Might Want to […]