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Apologies and Glee’s

My apologies for not posting much this week. I have just now returned from National Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC. While I was there working on legislative issues, particularly school library issues, I also had the opportunity to voice an opinion on LSTA funds. Many people want to hear from us. Are we talking to them or about them? My greatest moment was when Representative John Tanner turned to his assistant today and said, "Is this true? Have we heard from anyone?" and the assistant said, "Yes, we've been getting letters." This was regarding the Librarian Act of 2007.

I was so proud of the Tennessee school librarians because I knew they were listening to what we said, and were choosing to act upon our suggestions. A single letter to a legislator means 30 or 300 voices depending upon the legislator. Did you know you have such power?

Second reason for glee: I was elected to the ALA Council along with J. Linda Williams and other fine school/youth librarians. We responded to the call for more participation and you voted us in. Thank you. We will join some wonderful school librarians already on council. For everyone who knows me, I will not hesitate to speak up on behalf of school librarians and I appreciate your vote of confidence.