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Bipolar Titles to Help

ASK A LIBRARIAN! The advertisements flash across the top of the SLJ site so I decided to do so. I have a small list of titles that deal with bipolar disorder and I wanted to enhance this list. What a great service! J.J. Huff responded to me immediately to let me know work was in progress. Then I received the extensive list below along with an offer to revise and extend the searching if needed. Some of the titles I mentioned in the previous post aren't on the list so I felt good that I knew of some thing someone else didn't. The service fulfilled my needs quickly without judgment. I appreciate the service. J.J. was extremely professional and I didn't feel talked down to like some services and librarians do unknowingly. 

Do you know what I mean? In the past I had asked some academic librarians for help in this area to see what research was occurring and to provide help for my parents, but they actually suggested that I was unfamiliar with search terms. I did manage to keep my temper despite the red hair and killed them with sweetness as I taught them about collaboration and distributed effect of people not just computing. They didn't seem to understand how school librarians can work together to maximize our learning without the need to feel superior. Shonda Briscoe personifies this. I spoke to her at SLJ's Summit last fall about the tremendous number of posts she was putting on LM_NET. Shonda told me how excited she was to help and that when a question came across that she knew the answer, she was so pleased to be able to immediately help someone else. Isn't this librarianship? Thanks Heinemann-Raintree and J.J.

Ask A Librarian Results:

Visit the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation Web site. The site includes indepth information on bipolar disorder and provides links to a variety of resources. You can learn more about the titles listed below, as well. (Personal note: I used this site extensively and joined their groups)

Anger Mountain
ISBN-13: 978-1412050661
The story of an elementary-age boy who is learning to cope with his anger management issues.
The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know 
ISBN-13: 978-1572305250
Handbook by psychologist/researcher at University of Colorado. The book is described as, “Straight talk for teens and adults on taking charge of maintaining wellness while living with bipolar disorder.”
My Bipolar Roller Coaster Feelings Book & Workbook
ISBN-13: 978-1412054256
A 32-page storybook written from the perspective of a boy with bipolar disorder. The book is described as, “…a wonderful resource for children with bipolar disorder, their parents, teachers and clinicians.” The accompanying workbook includes exercises to assist children with bipolar disorder.
Brandon and the Bipolar Bear 
ISBN-13: 978-1412039314
A fictional story about a young boy living with bipolar disorder. Readers will learn about symptoms and treatment from a child’s point of view. Includes vivid illustrations.
Embracing the Monster: Overcoming the Challenges of Hidden Disabilities 
ISBN-13: 978-1557665225
A memoir of author Veronica Crawford’s experiences with ADHD and bipolar disorder. The book is described as, “Highly recommended reading for parents of children with hidden disabilities as well as adolescents and young adults with hidden disabilities.”
Everything you Need to Know about Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depressive Illness 
ISBN-13: 978-0823937684
This book is part of the series, “The Need to Know Library.” This book is intended for adolescents upon first diagnosis. Includes examples and glossary.
Matt the Moody Hermit Crab
ISBN-13: 978-1891347054
Follow Matt’s onset, diagnosis, and treatment of bipolar disorder. Presented in novel-form for children 8-12. 
Recovering from Depression: A Workbook for Teens (Revised Edition) 
ISBN-13: 978-1557665928
Workbook to assist teens in understanding and coping with depression.
The Storm in my Brian
(Visit the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation for purchase information)
This publication includes artwork by young people living with depression or bipolar disorder. The book description notes, “This is an easy to understand, colorful booklet that speaks to children about how it feels to have a mood disorder.”
Turbo Max: A Story For Siblings Of Bipolar Children
(Visit the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation for purchase information)
For siblings (ages 8-12) of children with bipolar disorder. A boy’s diary, describing the challenges and struggles he experiences while learning to accept and deal with his sister’s illness.