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Capturing your heart

Be warned! Attending conferences puts you at risk for having your heart captured at any moment. Perhaps by an author, by a librarian, by an illustrator, by a first-time attendee, or even by some stranger you meet on the streets of a city. I’m accustomed to feeling the heart strings tugged at my school. Small […]


Book Bindings can be beautiful. One of the greatest finds during the Library of Congress reception was the sculptured bindings of Paul Bonet. I am so greatful for the chief of the rare book division helping me to find a way to stand far enough back to snap a quick photo of this binding, yet […]

Nancy loses her purse

Driving home from ALA my friend Nancy suddenly realized she had left her purse behind us 160 miles into Virginia at a Subway restaurant. Then begins the panic. Where were we when we stopped? These are the facts the group of 5 of us could remember: possibly exit 150 the Subway was 1.4 or 1.5 miles from […]

WiFi where?

When a conference like ALA ends, some people assume "it’s" over with the last session. Good conferences provide thinking for the next year. They inspire you. They motivate you. They inform you. They ignite you. They connect you to others. While the ALA conference has ended, I have not stopped writing about what occurred and […]

How to Advocate

Being a Cool Advocate on Hot Topics – isn’t that a great title for a session on federal legislative and policy issues affecting libraries in the 110th Congress? According to the description of this session at ALA, Stephanie Vance, "The Advocacy Guru," and the ALA Washington Office staff will update you on legislation and prepare […]

Intellectual Freedom & My search for Controversy

I’m having a radical moment. Usually when I prepare for a conference in the back of my mind I have a hidden agenda for the exhibit hall. Perhaps I’m looking for scary books for second graders, possible entries for the Volunteer State Book Award, potential winning picture books, horse books, new titles on Helen Keller, […]

S.O.S. Educators’ Spotlight

Ruth Small posted an intriguing note on LM_NET Thursday that caught my attention immediately. I blogged before on "Incidental Curiosity" and am always asking questions of children and teens about their habits. Ruth wrote:  Do you ever wonder what kinds of questions your students ask just because they’re curious? Have you been looking for motivating teaching strategies […]

Sea Turtles and Knowing Everything

Thank you to the Librarian’s Internet Index for today’s links on sea turtles. I personally need to keep a list of sea turtle sources for first and second graders every year. I rely upon everyone there at LII to keep me current on a wide variety of areas. While many days the links flowing through […]

SBBT Schedule Wed-Sat

Summer Blog Blast Tour Master Schedule part two Wednesday through Saturday: Wednesday, June 20 Mitali Perkins by Vivian at Hip Writer Mama ( Svetlana Chmakova by Sarah Stevenson at Finding Wonderland (  Dana Reinhardt by Jackie at interactivereader ( Laura Ruby by Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy ( Holly Black by […]

SBBT Schedule Sun-Tues

Here’s the master schedule for the Summer Book Blast Tour. Please note that some authors will be interviewed on more than one site. Those bloggers have coordinated their questions so each blog will have something new to offer. You aren’t going to want to miss a single interview. Prepare to be blasted away. Sunday, June […]