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Impossible Things to Believe In

Heavenly Mondays! Some weeks start off beautifully with emails from people you admire like Jules (AKA Julie Danielson) who with Eisha created Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast – why stop at six?: a blog about Books. Librarians who passionately love books and tell you about them.

I connected in person with Julie last year at the TASL Leadership Forum in Nashville (modeled upon SLJ’s Leadership Forum. bringing together educators, administrators, authors, librarians, the general public, students, whoever we could to talk about school libraries in Tennessee). Julie is a phenomenal book lover/review/mother/librarian who is raising her two children while continuing to create this Impossibly Fun blog that I love to read.  Julie has experience at the Tennessee School for the Deaf which immediately endeared her to me as my school is opposite the Tennessee School for the Blind and I have a large number of visually impaired/autistic/life-skills students. When you teach a large percentage of a special population, you become very creative, innovative and capable of doing impossible deeds.

Years ago I wrote on LM_NET about the fact that school librarians do more than six impossible things before breakfast daily. Are you recalling your Lewis Carroll and Through the Looking Glass? Like Eisha and Julie, I discovered there were already blogs out there using those phrases, but that didn’t deter them from creating a book review site with these wordpress categories: Imp’s 7 Kicks, Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Etcetera, Intermediate, Interviews, Picture Books, Poetry Friday, Reading Lists, Young Adult. 

I appreciate they didn’t attempt to limit themselves and write about what they choose. Freedom is essential for blogging. They have also posted a note to publishers and authors that I want to plagairize heavily on my own blogs. In my words: send me books with no obligations and if I have an opinion, I’ll write about them. They are more eloquent.

Their list of sites down the right column will keep you occupied and should inspire library school and children’s lit students with Seven Impossible: 

  • Authors,
  • Book Sites/Blogs, 
  • Children’s & YA Book Authors,
  • Book Sites, 
  • Children’s/YA Book Blogs,
  • Illustrators, and
  • Other Blogs and Sites We Like.

I dare you to read this blog and not click one of the links! It’s impossible to resist being lured deeper into this blog whether it’s before breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.